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#TBT. Reason No.40 Why I Love My Silhouette Cameo

Why??  Well, because you can make gifts on the fly!  (I’m a poet and didn’t know it!!)


Why not buy a few flower svg files from the Silhouette Design Store and alter them by making them different sizes. You can cut the files into pretty patterned paper; and use brads, beads, glitter, buttons and stickles for the centers.

Grab a cheap foam wreath at the dollar store and use that glue gun.

Joila!  A gift for mom!

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Blending my Ranger Distress Ink

Shhhhhhhh don’t tell my hubby.  I’ve been on a little spending spree.  I have developed a love for these Ranger Distress Inks!  I also caught an amazing sale through and got them for virtually half off (so I ordered LOTS…every girl needs LOTS of distress markers.)


I decided for my first project I would dabble with some watercolor paper.  I took a flower stamp I picked up at Michael’s last year and I embossed flowers all over the paper with glittery white embossing powder.

Then it was time to play with the markers.  I  colored and colored and painted and distressed and drew flowers, and scratched my head, and colored and colored some more and this is what I came up with:


What do you think???  Not bad for just messing around.  Tell me, do you think people would be interested in which markers I used?  Would YOU BE?  🙂

I love my crafting addiction.  Some people go to the bar after a long day at work to unwind.  I pull out my paper,  Just sayin!

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DIY Stencils!!



I may be showing you something that’s already been done 1,000 times on the YouTube. But, for me it’s new!

For those of you wondering if you should purchase a Silhouette Cameo, I have one good reason… You can make your own stencils!

I found acetate at my local craft store, 20 –  12 x 12 sheets for a dollar. They had weird designs on them, but I didn’t care. They cut the same.

I bought 40 sheets, and I’ve been cutting them on my Silhouette and turning them into my own homemade stencils.  This is the one I did tonight. A Silhouette is well worth the money.

Using some Recollections Pigment Spray Inks I bought at Michael’s, I made this in a matter of minutes!


If you’ve been sitting on the fence about buying one, hop off and have some fun like I am!

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It’s official…I have an art journal!

I have been suffering from creative block lately.  For months I have been silently building my craft supply stash, gathering lots of supplies; lots of media; lots of fun things to play with.

Today I decided that I was going to jump off the bridge into the crafting water and just go for it , so I randomly picked things out of my stash and this is what I came up with. My first art journal page.


Who out there has journals?

I love to scrapbook, however I feel like art journaling gives me the freedom to explore my creativity and just have a good time.

In the very least, I was able to be creative.  That’s the important thing!!  I can see this being a good diversion when I have creative block in the future.

I’d  love to see your projects. Leave your links in the comments below.

Happy crafting!


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I’m such a little dabbly do-er…

I hate that I don’t have tons of time to blog.  My problem is I’m a perfectionist.  I see big, beautiful, brilliant blogs and I try to measure up to that… why?

I figured this out this weekend when I posted  in the Facebook Group I belong to that I had tried to make enamel dots.  I did the research by You Tubing videos for a foundation of preparation, and this is what I came up with using perler beads and pony beads:

First pic is my result with pony beads, the second pic is the perler beads.  My contribution to the Facebook group got almost 100 likes!  Wow I do have something to contribute to the crafting world!!

Here’s how I honed the instructions:

For the pony beads:  I preheated my oven to 450 degrees.  I used parchment paper on a cookie sheet and sat the beads down, hole up.  I ended up cooking the pony beads for about 10-15 minutes in my oven.  There was a slight plastic-y smell in the air, but they turned out perfect!

For the perler beads: I preheated my oven to 300 degrees.  I used parchment paper on a cookie sheet and sat the beads down, hole up.  I ended up cooking the perler beads for about 20-25 minutes in my oven.  Just watch them and when the little dimple from the hole in the beads disapear, you pull them out.

My tips:

Don’t take them out too early.  Wait for the hole to enclose and the dimple to disappear.  If you keep an eye on them they don’t burn up.

Use parchment paper, not wax paper.  They just slide off the paper into a storage container.

You can find the beads at Joann’s or any other craft store.  Buy them with a coupon and you will have enough enamel beads to last you the rest of your life!

Let me know how you do!


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Scrapbook Saturday!

I’ve complained about this before…sometimes I feel like my mind thinks I can do big, artsy, spectacular layouts.  I get on Pinterest, I make a plan, and when my project becomes reality, I always feel like something is “missing.”  It never looks as awesome as I invision it looking.


I’ve found a solution… Craftsy.  Have you seen it?  It’s this online community where people hold virtual classes.  You can learn basically anything under the sun on  There is a fee for the classes, but some generally go on sale often.  They also have free classes you can sign up for.

I.  Love.  Them.

I have taken two classes so far.  The second one I’ve been taking is called “Patterned Paper Play” by Paige Evans.  I feel like she helps with my mental block, she inspires me and pushes me to start a project.  She has stash busting ideas that any newbie, any person with moderate skill, or any expert can take advantage of.  And the cool thing is, you don’t need a lot of extra equipment, paper, or inks with this class and you walk away with amazing layouts.

So that’s the origin of the circle layout.  I will never take credit for an idea I don’t think of independantly.  Thank you Paige!  I think this layout is fun, kind of funky, colorful and happy!


I can’t wait to whip out my silhouette cameo and start cutting butterflies, hearts, sentiments and try all of the other layouts from the lessons Paige teaches.  She makes scrapbooking fun when it was getting a wee bit frustrating!



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My Affliction Has Been Diagnosed!


Oh my gosh, I’m so addicted!  Some people have a drink after a long day at work.  I come home and punch circles for two hours and glue them to paper to unwind!

Maybe I’m hopping on the tale end of the meme scene, but they crack me up!  I’ve been hanging out in bed tonight, cruising craft memes…

This one speaks volumes about me:


But this one really screams me… I mean, come on.  I’m not buying purses, I’m a nurse I don’t carry a purse.  I don’t have fancy fingernails, I CRAFT! Crafty chicks usually have hot glue stuck to their nails.   Clothing??  Whatever.  I wear scrubs.  Craft Supplies… yes please.  Some girls like diamonds, my husband bought me a Silhouette Cameo for my birthday.

And…he only knows about the craft supplies that I let him know about!


Have you seen a good meme?  Please share with me!  I love all of them.  And yes, any with Ryan Gosling are VERY WELCOME HERE.  I’m just saying!