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Scrapbooking on a Dime – Buy a Paper Pack (Deeply Discounted, of Course) and Fussy Cut the Heck Out of It.

Note:  There is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to be ashamed about when you use a 20-25% off all regular price and sale items coupon, and stack it with an item on sale.  Remember that.

 No one should pay full price for their craft supplies.
**The more you save, the more you can buy!

wp-image-274228254jpg.jpgThis is a picture collage of a paper pack and its contents I bought at Michael’s this summer.  The pack was full of beautiful colors and designs that were gold embossed.  On this particular day, Michael’s had their paper packs that were usually $19.99 marked down to $5.00.

I fell in love with this paper – however, I would never pay $19.99 for this paper.  When I saw the gold flowers in the bottom right corner of the collage,  I immediately thought… I can fussy cut up and use every, single, inch of that piece of paper and make my own embellishments.

So what is fussy cutting?  It’s taking designer paper, a pair of sharp scissors, and cutting around every shape or design on the paper to use as embellishments on a scrapbook layout, or for a card, or for any other craft your lovely heart desires.

I am not a great fussy cutter.  But, this is what I came up with:

The amazing thing about this hobby is you don’t have to be great at anything because there are NO MISTAKES in scrapbooking.

The details:

I chose a paper background that looked like ledger paper and decided to spray some shimmer mist on the background.

I cut four, 4″ x 4″ squares from the papers you see in the collage above and cut out the letters L O V E.  I didn’t use any template.  I just went for it!

I decided to add a little zig zag stitching for posterity (because it’s all about the zig zag.)

THEN I chose a photo.  Funny huh?  I did all of this without a photo in mind and ended up choosing an extra wedding photo I had because the roses matched.  A 25-year-old photo was resurrected from a photo box.   Funny how that works out, huh?

So this is the final project, sans journaling.

Supplies Used:

Paper Pack – $5.00 (And I only used six sheets of it.)

Recollections Shimmer Mist – The Boho pack of five I bought this summer.  Regular price $19.99, marked down 60%, and I combined a 25% off regular and sale items coupon to pay around three bucks.  BAM!

Elmer’s Glue Stick – $.25 bought during Back to School Sale

Sewing Machine – I already had it.  BUT You could hand sew too if you want to incorporate that look and don’t have a sewing machine.

Don’t let being on a budget hold you up!  Get out there!  Look for the deals!  Get to scrapping!



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Scrapbooking on a Dime

I am a member of several Facebook scrapbooking and journal groups.   I love to see the input of fellow lovers of this craft.  I love to see their ideas and tips.  I also love their process videos that are on YouTube.  My favorite groups welcome people to share the links to their videos and blog posts.  I have learned that scrapbooking and paper crafting is a huge hobby loved by many people, all over the world.  

Another thing I’ve learned is a lot of people love to post videos of “scrapbook hauls” aka pictures of piles of scrapbooking supplies that they buy on discount at scrapbook stores.  I have been guilty of doing this a time or two as well, but lately, I’ve noticed another trend.


People are posting their finished projects, apologizing that they aren’t as good as other people’s projects due to lack of supplies, lack of imagination, lack of talent, or whatever. I find this to be so sad.  I feel like every effort made to preserve a memory is a beautiful work of art.  I can’t change how someone feels about their own personal work, except to leave sweet comments for them on Facebook, so I thought I could help the people who think their work isn’t good enough because they don’t spend hundreds of dollars a month on supplies.

Hence, this post…

While I have been known to ransack a craft store sale, I am a very fiscally anal retentive crafter (aka “thrifty”.)  LOL!  I will take apart my scraps until I obliterate a piece of paper and there is nothing left.  So, I thought I would start posting about ways to recycle scraps into pieces parts that can be turned into awesome embellishments!  (Way more awesome than you will find in any kit, or at any craft store)

So, here you go… awhile back I did a Project Life spread wherein  I incorporated some wp-image-1070841361jpgtypewritten text I had done on my pc (using a free font, I will talk about on another post later) and printed on some vellum.  I accidentally printed the text twice leaving me with a huge piece of wasted vellum.

What’s a thrifty crafter to do?  I love vellum and the typewritten font was so pretty printed on it.  I thought, why not cut phrases out of the vellum and save them for future layouts?

Swp-image-950219235jpg.jpgo voila!  That is officially my first “Scrapbooking on a Dime Tip.”  Cut apart phrases from old work that you don’t need or are going to throw away and save for future layouts.  Here’s the other thing also, you never know what kind of brilliant inspiration you will get from these partial phrases.  I came up with at least four scrapbook ideas just by cutting this paper apart.

You can also fussy cut wrapping paper, or phrases from magazines and old books.  The possibilities are endless.


Be proud of you and your work!  Show me your stuff, I’d love to see it!

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My Very First Layout, Ever.

Some time back in 2002- about 13 years ago, my Dad, whom I had just reconnected with sent me a huge box of scrapbooking supplies, I believe it was for my birthday. I was turning the big 3-2.  Up until that point I had always wanted to document my life but was younger, had young kids, this was pre internet blogs and groups and I had no direction. His gift gave me that direction.

Flash forward to 2016 –  My Dad is a good friend of mine, and a close confidant.  I am so happy that I met him at the age of 30, and he has embraced my family, expressed his regret of not being there for me sooner, and life fathershas moved on.  Also…because of him, I am a certifiable craft junkie. I have pages of layouts I’ve made, I’ve made albums for people as gifts, I have piles of printed out photos and old albums full of photos waiting to be scrapped. I have a legacy to leave to my kids (whether they are interested now or not, haha!)

Appropriately enough, this is my very first ever layout. And is perfect for Father’s day! I made this after a hunting trip my husband and kids took together. This page shows how awesome of a dad my husband is to my kids. Who knew that a box of (was it Creative Memories??) stuff sent so many years ago would lead to what I have today. It also shows how artistical (this is now a  word, people…say it with me “artistical”) I have become.

The earlier layouts may seem less skilled, less extravagant, but they are just as important.  I hope anyone reading this takes that with them.  Every memory matters.

Happy Father’s Day to all of the awesome, amazing dads out there!  

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Scrapbook Saturday!

I’ve complained about this before…sometimes I feel like my mind thinks I can do big, artsy, spectacular layouts.  I get on Pinterest, I make a plan, and when my project becomes reality, I always feel like something is “missing.”  It never looks as awesome as I invision it looking.


I’ve found a solution… Craftsy.  Have you seen it?  It’s this online community where people hold virtual classes.  You can learn basically anything under the sun on  There is a fee for the classes, but some generally go on sale often.  They also have free classes you can sign up for.

I.  Love.  Them.

I have taken two classes so far.  The second one I’ve been taking is called “Patterned Paper Play” by Paige Evans.  I feel like she helps with my mental block, she inspires me and pushes me to start a project.  She has stash busting ideas that any newbie, any person with moderate skill, or any expert can take advantage of.  And the cool thing is, you don’t need a lot of extra equipment, paper, or inks with this class and you walk away with amazing layouts.

So that’s the origin of the circle layout.  I will never take credit for an idea I don’t think of independantly.  Thank you Paige!  I think this layout is fun, kind of funky, colorful and happy!


I can’t wait to whip out my silhouette cameo and start cutting butterflies, hearts, sentiments and try all of the other layouts from the lessons Paige teaches.  She makes scrapbooking fun when it was getting a wee bit frustrating!