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To Toss or Not to Toss

So you cracked open a new paper pack.  You assembled the mother of all projects.  You pat yourself on the back because you did dang good.

wp-image-1207021615jpg.jpgThe end result is a pile of pretty big paper scraps.  But the problem is, if you scoop your paper up and put in a box with other scraps, it quickly grows into the big monster in the room that spews out of control, all over your desk, all over your file cabinet and all over the floor.  So what do you do – toss it, or keep it?

Every scrapper goes through this dilemma.   There are many opinions on this subject.  Some people set size limits and toss the smaller pieces; some people save everything; some people toss it all.

I’m not going to lie.  I save a LOT of paper.  This blog post is for the paper hoarders (C’est Moi!)

I thought I would give scrap savers two different ideas for using up those pesky scraps.  After all, every scrap is precious and important.

Idea No. 1:  Cut and punch that stuff up – make embellishments!

I’ve talked about this before.  Use your punches.  Play with shapes.  Don’t be afraid to cut your paper with your scissors, layer and add your own touches!  I used stitching, homemade enamel dots, vellum, and I fussy cut sentiments from an old piece of paper. In the past I’ve dry embossed, heat embossed and stamped my scraps.

Gather your shapes in funky, awesome shapes; glue those pieces of paper together first, then sew it up!

Idea No. 2:  Make a flip book or journal!

This one is fun because it doesn’t take much forethought.  These flip books are great because you can use all different kinds of paper; cut it into different sizes and choose whatever embellishments you have on hand.  Just grab some rings and punch  holes in the paper and put it all together.  Easy McPeasy!

Check out my first YouTube Video that shows off the flip book I made this weekend.  It’s a lame-o video, but it shows the book off!

Remember:  YOU CAN’T SCREW THIS STUFF UP.  If you get frustrated, put it away for a week, then go back to it.  You will be so surprised at the inspiration you gain over a week’s time!

Or… hey, toss it.   Whatevs!  Life is too short to stress about it.  Throwing the paper away doesn’t seem like the best idea to me but it does leave room for all the new paper and new supplies you can buy!

Show me your projects!  Happy Scrapping!!!

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Scrapbooking on a Dime – Buy a Paper Pack (Deeply Discounted, of Course) and Fussy Cut the Heck Out of It.

Note:  There is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to be ashamed about when you use a 20-25% off all regular price and sale items coupon, and stack it with an item on sale.  Remember that.

 No one should pay full price for their craft supplies.
**The more you save, the more you can buy!

wp-image-274228254jpg.jpgThis is a picture collage of a paper pack and its contents I bought at Michael’s this summer.  The pack was full of beautiful colors and designs that were gold embossed.  On this particular day, Michael’s had their paper packs that were usually $19.99 marked down to $5.00.

I fell in love with this paper – however, I would never pay $19.99 for this paper.  When I saw the gold flowers in the bottom right corner of the collage,  I immediately thought… I can fussy cut up and use every, single, inch of that piece of paper and make my own embellishments.

So what is fussy cutting?  It’s taking designer paper, a pair of sharp scissors, and cutting around every shape or design on the paper to use as embellishments on a scrapbook layout, or for a card, or for any other craft your lovely heart desires.

I am not a great fussy cutter.  But, this is what I came up with:

The amazing thing about this hobby is you don’t have to be great at anything because there are NO MISTAKES in scrapbooking.

The details:

I chose a paper background that looked like ledger paper and decided to spray some shimmer mist on the background.

I cut four, 4″ x 4″ squares from the papers you see in the collage above and cut out the letters L O V E.  I didn’t use any template.  I just went for it!

I decided to add a little zig zag stitching for posterity (because it’s all about the zig zag.)

THEN I chose a photo.  Funny huh?  I did all of this without a photo in mind and ended up choosing an extra wedding photo I had because the roses matched.  A 25-year-old photo was resurrected from a photo box.   Funny how that works out, huh?

So this is the final project, sans journaling.

Supplies Used:

Paper Pack – $5.00 (And I only used six sheets of it.)

Recollections Shimmer Mist – The Boho pack of five I bought this summer.  Regular price $19.99, marked down 60%, and I combined a 25% off regular and sale items coupon to pay around three bucks.  BAM!

Elmer’s Glue Stick – $.25 bought during Back to School Sale

Sewing Machine – I already had it.  BUT You could hand sew too if you want to incorporate that look and don’t have a sewing machine.

Don’t let being on a budget hold you up!  Get out there!  Look for the deals!  Get to scrapping!