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Daily Prompt: Careful

via Daily Prompt: Careful

Be careful.

Why?  Because it’s an unsafe world.  Because we know about bad things happening IMMEDIATELY after they happen.  Because we don’t want to be a victim.

We don’t want to be shortchanged at a cash register, we don’t want cancer, we don’t want to be broken hearted, we don’t want to be shot while sitting in a movie theater.

So we sit in our homes with our phones and computers and surf the net and read about other people, other victims, others who weren’t as careful as we are.

Is it worth it?  When we are on our death bed, will we feel like our carefulness has given us a satisfactory existence?  Will this daily prompt turn into regret?

As people lock themselves in their homes with their electronics and study the reasons why it’s not safe to be anything other than careful we will find that people will withdraw more and more from each other.

That doesn’t seem like a very satisfactory life to me.





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