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Scrapbook Saturday!

I’ve complained about this before…sometimes I feel like my mind thinks I can do big, artsy, spectacular layouts.  I get on Pinterest, I make a plan, and when my project becomes reality, I always feel like something is “missing.”  It never looks as awesome as I invision it looking.


I’ve found a solution… Craftsy.  Have you seen it?  It’s this online community where people hold virtual classes.  You can learn basically anything under the sun on  There is a fee for the classes, but some generally go on sale often.  They also have free classes you can sign up for.

I.  Love.  Them.

I have taken two classes so far.  The second one I’ve been taking is called “Patterned Paper Play” by Paige Evans.  I feel like she helps with my mental block, she inspires me and pushes me to start a project.  She has stash busting ideas that any newbie, any person with moderate skill, or any expert can take advantage of.  And the cool thing is, you don’t need a lot of extra equipment, paper, or inks with this class and you walk away with amazing layouts.

So that’s the origin of the circle layout.  I will never take credit for an idea I don’t think of independantly.  Thank you Paige!  I think this layout is fun, kind of funky, colorful and happy!


I can’t wait to whip out my silhouette cameo and start cutting butterflies, hearts, sentiments and try all of the other layouts from the lessons Paige teaches.  She makes scrapbooking fun when it was getting a wee bit frustrating!





I love paper and scrapbooking and embellishments and paper and DIY and paper - basically anything that allows me to express my creativity. I want to empower all people to create daily!

4 thoughts on “Scrapbook Saturday!

      1. It’s still on my to-do list! Your comment has prompted me to have a look at the site though so thanks for reminding me about it! ☺


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