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From Great Intentions to “Meh” to “Hey, Not Half Bad!”

I might be on Pinterest overload.  Maybe I’m addicted to paper right now.  Maybe I’ve watched too many tutorials over the past five days, but after 8 hours of homework yesterday I thought, “I’m going to take a break and and make an amazing card, using my stash of scraps!”

I can almost hear the angel chorus singing my praise again, as I type this.

I had recently taken a Paige Evans Craftsy class on scrapbook pages and had learned a technique for punching circles and tweaking them to make really neat, original designs.

Except for a few obstacles, it was going to be a masterpiece.

  1.  I didn’t have any double sided paper in my stash (she likes to bend the circles and sew them to show both sides.)
  2. I couldn’t find my tack down tape because I have the remnants of three or four scrapbook projects still thrown all over my desk; and
  3. My sewing machine was in a box, and I didn’t want to pull it out.

So this is the wackiness that ensued:  Wet tacky glue that took forever to dry, paper circles that bent up when I tried to cut borders, and the pièce de résistance, the digital scrapbook embellishment I printed and colored for the center of the card didn’t match and looked all wrong.

Now no respectable scrapbooker/cardmaker is going to give up and I have a pretty decent size of stash built up, so I started digging into it.  A long string of jute, three random flowers, some stragetically placed buttons and a “wooden” embellishment later, this is what I came up with:


Not what I had originally planned…BUT it’s nice!  It’s different and it will make someone’s day happy when I decide someone needs it.

I guess what I found out is this…there are a lot of AWESOME, BEAUTIFUL, WONDERFUL, TALENTED cardmakers and scrapbook artists out there, but the neat thing about this hobby is, everything that comes from  your heart and flows out of your finger tips is equally beautiful.

Even if it looks nothing like the masterpiece you imagined and planned out in your head.

Stay scrappy, my friends!




I love paper and scrapbooking and embellishments and paper and DIY and paper - basically anything that allows me to express my creativity. I want to empower all people to create daily!

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