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Let Your Silhouette Do The Drawing For You.

The Silhouette Cameo is a really remarkable machine.  It is so versatile.  From cutting paper, material, adding rhinestones to patterns, etching glass, there is an endless array of crafts and projects you can do!  Last night, while lying in bed awake (I don’t sleep well at night) I thought up this little project, using an image from the Silhouette Image Store.

The idea was to take this tree, have my Silhouette Cameo sketch it onto my 12 x 12 layout, then add embellishments.

It is so easy to sketch with the Silhouette Cameo!  The first you do is pick out which design you want and pull it into your software.  I chose this tree I purchased with the Silhouette Design Store a couple months ago.


The next thing you is open the sketch window and choose your options (right side of screen.)  I chose continuous sketching for my project.20160125_085026.jpg

The software turned my image into a “drawing.”  You can also choose for it to fill the inside of the image with sketching if that’s the look you are going for.


TIP:  Always scrapbook with a friend, it makes it more enjoyable and memorable.  My helper/friend today was Jett the Wonder Dog!


There are two different ways you can sketch with the Silhouette.  One way is by using their sketching pins that slide into the razor holder.  The other was is to buy the writing utensil holder that allows you to use whatever pen you like!  (That’s on my WANT list.)  I do however have a set of sketching pens.


So you open the razor holder, slide the razor out and put the pen in!  Easy Peasy.


Click on your cut settings (the razor icon – second to right, top of page) and make sure you select the Silhouette Sketch Pen.


Then let it do it’s thang!


I wasn’t sure at first what look I wanted, so I fiddled around with some scrap paper I had in my stash and cut some leaves.  I snapped a picture so I could remember what I did if I got interrupted!


I was tossing around the idea of coloring the tree trunk with my Prisma Pencils, but then I decided to live on the wild side and try the watercolors.  I’m talking old school, kindergarden, Crayola watercolors on the tree trunk.

I ended up making a border by ripping paper edges from one of the patterns I chose from the leaves, just to tie it all together.


I had my Silhouette sketch a heart on brown paper and sketch mine and my husband’s initials and the year the photo was taken to make it look like it was carved in the tree.

So much fun!






I love paper and scrapbooking and embellishments and paper and DIY and paper - basically anything that allows me to express my creativity. I want to empower all people to create daily!

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