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What can I tell you about me…I’m dorky.  I’m opinionated.  I’m a recluse.  I try to see the joy and beauty in the most mundane things.

I love my rescue mutts.  They are my pride and joy.  They are pure.  They love unconditionally.

beauty1 beauty2 beauty3  beauty5 beauty6beauty4

I’m a nurse by day and a closet scrapbooker/cardmaker/sign painter/gardener/(you fill in the rest) by night and on my days off.

I love causes.  I love to make a difference.  I love to inspire change for the better.

I love to soak in my silly little plastic pool in the summers.  Why not, right?  My moto is, if there is no beach, make your own!  I love gardening and yard work in the summer months!

I love to write.  I love to share, even if there’s no one to share with.  I think it is so important to journal and record life events for our sons and daughters, so they can pass down our memories to future generations.  I love history.  I love to recall.

That’s what got me started in playing with paper.  That’s what got me to start this blog.  I look forward to sharing what I think makes this life truly remarkable.  I hope you enjoy.


More to come!



I love paper and scrapbooking and embellishments and paper and DIY and paper - basically anything that allows me to express my creativity. I want to empower all people to create daily!

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