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My First Post…

When you suddenly find yourself with extra time on your hands, you feel confused.  A mother spends her life taking care of her little chickens.  When they fly the coop, you have to figure out what else to do.  I have a list of things I want to rediscover about me…

  1. My “wife” status.  He’s stuck by me for almost 28 years.  He’s been through all of the roughest and funniest times I’ve ever experienced.  He was ok with sitting on the back burner while I had kids, went to nursing school, switched careers.  He’s always supported me.  It’s time I reconnect with this big guy.  He’s my best friend and the love of my life.


2. My “Me” status.  I guess a lot of people would tell me, “Hey you should figure out you first!”  Maybe I’m doing this while I am doing the first item above simultaneously.  I have been taking care of people my whole life.  Now I need to figure out what I need.  I guess that’s why I’m writing.  Because I love it!!  I plan on filling this electronic space up with everything that I love over the next few weeks, months, years!!


3.  So what’s it gonna be?  Reading?  Crafting?  Camping?  The possibilities are endless.  It’s January, 2016.  I’m going to  use the next 12 months to explore, to figure out what things make me the happiest.

I’m publishing my first, albeit very generalized blog post.  I look forward to becoming more colorful, animated and happy over the next few months!



I love paper and scrapbooking and embellishments and paper and DIY and paper - basically anything that allows me to express my creativity. I want to empower all people to create daily!

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