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You Might Be An Addict If…


I am not neat or meticulous with my crafting. Ok, I’ll admit I’m a borderline slob.

I have a habit of going to the craft store, buying as many things as I can find on clearance.  I take my treasures out of the bags that they come in, and use them when inspiration strikes me.

I have a bad habit of taking the store bags that my treasures come in, and I throw them in a corner next to my desk, with the intention of using them to collect trash.

Today I was upstairs cleaning my craft room, picking up the remnants of paper from a project I did 7 days ago.  I grabbed a trash bag to put the baby scraps of trashed paper in, and found all of the things in this photo that were still left in the bag from a shopping trip I took in December.  Almost two months ago…haha!

Have you ever went on a shopping spree, brought your treasures home, threw it on the ground, and forgot about it?  Tell me about it.

I think I’m addicted to just building my stash. I don’t think I want rehab either.

Who’s an addict like I am?

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From Great Intentions to “Meh” to “Hey, Not Half Bad!”

I might be on Pinterest overload.  Maybe I’m addicted to paper right now.  Maybe I’ve watched too many tutorials over the past five days, but after 8 hours of homework yesterday I thought, “I’m going to take a break and and make an amazing card, using my stash of scraps!”

I can almost hear the angel chorus singing my praise again, as I type this.

I had recently taken a Paige Evans Craftsy class on scrapbook pages and had learned a technique for punching circles and tweaking them to make really neat, original designs.

Except for a few obstacles, it was going to be a masterpiece.

  1.  I didn’t have any double sided paper in my stash (she likes to bend the circles and sew them to show both sides.)
  2. I couldn’t find my tack down tape because I have the remnants of three or four scrapbook projects still thrown all over my desk; and
  3. My sewing machine was in a box, and I didn’t want to pull it out.

So this is the wackiness that ensued:  Wet tacky glue that took forever to dry, paper circles that bent up when I tried to cut borders, and the pièce de résistance, the digital scrapbook embellishment I printed and colored for the center of the card didn’t match and looked all wrong.

Now no respectable scrapbooker/cardmaker is going to give up and I have a pretty decent size of stash built up, so I started digging into it.  A long string of jute, three random flowers, some stragetically placed buttons and a “wooden” embellishment later, this is what I came up with:


Not what I had originally planned…BUT it’s nice!  It’s different and it will make someone’s day happy when I decide someone needs it.

I guess what I found out is this…there are a lot of AWESOME, BEAUTIFUL, WONDERFUL, TALENTED cardmakers and scrapbook artists out there, but the neat thing about this hobby is, everything that comes from  your heart and flows out of your finger tips is equally beautiful.

Even if it looks nothing like the masterpiece you imagined and planned out in your head.

Stay scrappy, my friends!


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Let Your Silhouette Do The Drawing For You.

The Silhouette Cameo is a really remarkable machine.  It is so versatile.  From cutting paper, material, adding rhinestones to patterns, etching glass, there is an endless array of crafts and projects you can do!  Last night, while lying in bed awake (I don’t sleep well at night) I thought up this little project, using an image from the Silhouette Image Store.

The idea was to take this tree, have my Silhouette Cameo sketch it onto my 12 x 12 layout, then add embellishments.

It is so easy to sketch with the Silhouette Cameo!  The first you do is pick out which design you want and pull it into your software.  I chose this tree I purchased with the Silhouette Design Store a couple months ago.


The next thing you is open the sketch window and choose your options (right side of screen.)  I chose continuous sketching for my project.20160125_085026.jpg

The software turned my image into a “drawing.”  You can also choose for it to fill the inside of the image with sketching if that’s the look you are going for.


TIP:  Always scrapbook with a friend, it makes it more enjoyable and memorable.  My helper/friend today was Jett the Wonder Dog!


There are two different ways you can sketch with the Silhouette.  One way is by using their sketching pins that slide into the razor holder.  The other was is to buy the writing utensil holder that allows you to use whatever pen you like!  (That’s on my WANT list.)  I do however have a set of sketching pens.


So you open the razor holder, slide the razor out and put the pen in!  Easy Peasy.


Click on your cut settings (the razor icon – second to right, top of page) and make sure you select the Silhouette Sketch Pen.


Then let it do it’s thang!


I wasn’t sure at first what look I wanted, so I fiddled around with some scrap paper I had in my stash and cut some leaves.  I snapped a picture so I could remember what I did if I got interrupted!


I was tossing around the idea of coloring the tree trunk with my Prisma Pencils, but then I decided to live on the wild side and try the watercolors.  I’m talking old school, kindergarden, Crayola watercolors on the tree trunk.

I ended up making a border by ripping paper edges from one of the patterns I chose from the leaves, just to tie it all together.


I had my Silhouette sketch a heart on brown paper and sketch mine and my husband’s initials and the year the photo was taken to make it look like it was carved in the tree.

So much fun!




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Plain and Simple Awesome!!


Tell me what you think about this one.

I was experimenting with distress inks and a cute Lil stamp I bought on clearance at Craft Warehouse – they have the best clearance deals.  This card cost me pennies to make – everything was scrap!

Anyways, this took me about ten minutes to make. It’s just a splendid little expression of love and we all need that in this world!

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Patterned Paper Play for Scrapbooking!

I took this class on called “Patterned Paper Play.”  The teacher had so many great ideas for busting your scrapbook stash!  You know, taking all those little pieces of left over paper you store away with the intention of using again…only for them to pile up in a box, hoping and waiting to be used again.

This is a picture of my husband and I at our cabin in 2012.  I thought it would be a cute picture to add to this first time project.  I used my #Silhouette Cameo to cut all my hearts which only took about ten minutes!  I finished off the project with some leftover stickers I had in my stash, and some rhinestones I had from an older project.

This scrapbooking project cost me $0 to put together!!!  I would love to see your projects!


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What can I tell you about me…I’m dorky.  I’m opinionated.  I’m a recluse.  I try to see the joy and beauty in the most mundane things.

I love my rescue mutts.  They are my pride and joy.  They are pure.  They love unconditionally.

beauty1 beauty2 beauty3  beauty5 beauty6beauty4

I’m a nurse by day and a closet scrapbooker/cardmaker/sign painter/gardener/(you fill in the rest) by night and on my days off.

I love causes.  I love to make a difference.  I love to inspire change for the better.

I love to soak in my silly little plastic pool in the summers.  Why not, right?  My moto is, if there is no beach, make your own!  I love gardening and yard work in the summer months!

I love to write.  I love to share, even if there’s no one to share with.  I think it is so important to journal and record life events for our sons and daughters, so they can pass down our memories to future generations.  I love history.  I love to recall.

That’s what got me started in playing with paper.  That’s what got me to start this blog.  I look forward to sharing what I think makes this life truly remarkable.  I hope you enjoy.


More to come!

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My First Post…

When you suddenly find yourself with extra time on your hands, you feel confused.  A mother spends her life taking care of her little chickens.  When they fly the coop, you have to figure out what else to do.  I have a list of things I want to rediscover about me…

  1. My “wife” status.  He’s stuck by me for almost 28 years.  He’s been through all of the roughest and funniest times I’ve ever experienced.  He was ok with sitting on the back burner while I had kids, went to nursing school, switched careers.  He’s always supported me.  It’s time I reconnect with this big guy.  He’s my best friend and the love of my life.


2. My “Me” status.  I guess a lot of people would tell me, “Hey you should figure out you first!”  Maybe I’m doing this while I am doing the first item above simultaneously.  I have been taking care of people my whole life.  Now I need to figure out what I need.  I guess that’s why I’m writing.  Because I love it!!  I plan on filling this electronic space up with everything that I love over the next few weeks, months, years!!


3.  So what’s it gonna be?  Reading?  Crafting?  Camping?  The possibilities are endless.  It’s January, 2016.  I’m going to  use the next 12 months to explore, to figure out what things make me the happiest.

I’m publishing my first, albeit very generalized blog post.  I look forward to becoming more colorful, animated and happy over the next few months!